cacao magic

Cacao is the medicine of the heart that awakens us to the vitality that comes from within.

It is the nectar of love. This medicine can be a bridge between our many selves as it works in different aspects of our body-mind-soul. Cacao invites us to be more present, focused, and energized.

cacao ceremony

The cacao ceremony is a sacred space where we can fully experience our hearts, bringing us back to our own nature and roots. A space of fun, freedom, libido, pleasure, joy, laughter, and lightness. For the ceremony, we can have an intention, a prayer, or a "wish", which we can potentialize through the heart and pure energy expanding.

The ceremony is a time for us to step out of our daily routine and experience the magic of Now. When we take part in a cacao ceremony, we are opening ourselves to different ways of feeling life. Cacao helps us to be more open and calm, so we can really feel our bodies, roots, and the energies that are inside and outside us.

Cacao as a medicine is simply fantastic. It is tasty, healthy, and powerful. It carries the energy of love, which has the potential to connect people. Cacao strengthens our sources of life. During the ceremony, through dancing and singing, we open new spaces within ourselves, where the energy of cacao flows. The energy of love, abundance, acceptance, and freedom.

”A deep immersion inside our body and soul.”

" A forest body.

I feel alive, I am life.

Love pulses inside me.

Cacao strengthens my heart and wakes up my body.

I feel you, you move me."

cacao magic

Cacao originates in Central America where it was considered sacred. Cacao was called the Food of Gods, a term derived from the Greek Theobroma Cacao. Ancient civilizations praised cacao for its numerous health benefits and considered cacao divine. It is important that the cacao is of raw quality because further processing, heating, and refining, cacao loses its qualities.

There are three main varieties of cacao plant: Criolo, Forasteiro and Trinitario ( a cross between Criolo and Forasteiro). Criolo its the most

Going beyond myths and magic, here are some scientific facts:

  • Cacao contains a high concentration of antioxidants, minerals, healthy fats, and vitamins.

  • Cacao is a highly effective natural energy supplier for the cardiovascular system. The name of the cacao tree itself - Theobroma Cacao - comes from the Theobromine molecule. Unlike Caffeine which acts in the central nervous system (creating stress), Theobromine is active in the cardiovascular system. This molecule physically supports the heart-opening and mood-lifting effect of cacao with a milder and longer-lasting effect.

  • Cacao contains various hormones that act on our neural system, further explaining the effect of cacao on our body. Dopamine makes us feel good and is what drives our motivation (we want more), while Melatonin contributes to relaxation, and Serotonin acts on our mood making us feel happy and satistified.

  • Cacao contains Anandamide (PEA), literally meaning "bliss, happiness" in Sanskrit. Ananda that translates as an endorphin that our body produces when we fall in love. Cacao is the only fruit that secrets Anandamide.

If you are curious about the cacao chemistry, I invite you to read Australian Academy of Science..