maisha cobra

I’m a dancer, a “cacao chanel”, space and sound holder, and movement healer. Sometimes much more than that and sometimes nothing like that. I guide, support and offer the possibility of encounters with the body in movement as a therapeutic, spiritual and reintegrative practice.

Since I was a child, I have been living between two different worlds - Brazil and the Czech Republic. In dancing, I found the bridge to connect these two “ different parts of me”. I combined the wild firey and grounded parts from the afro-brazilian dances, with the soft, aware and improvisational parts from Europe.

I have been sharing my studies, interests and experiences, through the Unity path, which is held by movement and cacao.


Unity means "I am one" - with my many selves and with the world around me. The unity of each being comes from the harmony between body, mind, and soul. As the "meeting point" of these three "bodies", I have created a unity path where we become One, through embodiment and purification. The unity between us becomes visible, when each of us is able to go beyond our bodies and connect to a greater power, the power that connects us all. Then we will be able to be in unity with the Whole.

Unity path is a way of connecting all the things that give me a pure connection to myself and my potential. It is through dance, cacao and music.

dance of roots

These roots coming from the deepest parts of our Mother Earth with the strongest energies within. These roots, being the medicines of the forest with all the Knowledge. All of my knowledge I have been channeling through the Knowledge of my truest roots. And after all, there is only one Knowledge, what we experience when we become one with the Unity.

Through the movement, I am able to channel this Knowledge and create a dance out of that. This dance is my way of sharing this Knowledge. While dancing, I release emotions, traumas and pain. Cleansing not only my being but all the beings, the whole Unity.

My movements are based on Afro-Brazilian rhythms and dances - of orixás, capoeira, funk and samba. In combination with improvisation, free movement, contact and 5 rhythms, I empowered my body to be a free spirit. My dance is a bridge between my roots and between what I’m experiencing in the present moment. While I’m dancing, I’m honoring the nature, all the elements and our Mother Earth. Dancing is a prayer, my deepest truth.

On one of my travels to Brazil, I connected on a deeper level with cacao, which became one of my tools for self-expression. My path to the body was further refined when the medicine of cacao crossed my path. Cacao opens me up and supports me to connect to my emotions. Cacao brings me a sensation of fertile soil, where I can plant ideas and intentions.

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Maisha is a dancer, "cacao channel" and DJ. She guides, supports and offers the possibility of encounters with the body in movement as a therapeutic, spiritual and reintegrative practice.

Living since childhood between two different worlds - Brazil and the Czech Republic, in dancing Maisha found the bridge to cross the barriers that permeate her origins and found in the challenge of contradictions the possibility of going deeper in the body and in the expression of the subtle: where words need not to be said, where traditions and ancestral lineages cross cultural and linguistic contours.

Her studies and experimentations, Maisha have been deepening over the years, and overflow into sharing through the Unity project.

dance of roots

Maisha carries in the composition of her corporeality, the heritage of Afro-Brazilian matrices - in the dance of orixás, capoeira, funk and samba - as well as a reverence and deep honor to the original peoples of the Amazon and their particular cosmic perceptions, healing techniques and traditions.

On one of her many journeys to cultivate her roots as a Latin American woman, Maisha also found in cacao medicine one of her many ways for self-exploration and transcendence.

In Maisha's words: "My path to the body was further refined when cacao medicine crossed my steps. Through cacao, I connected with the purest essence. I speak of flesh, bones, touch, fire... Cacao brings a sense of fertile soil where I can plant ideas and sensations... A space of fun, freedom, libido, pleasure, joy, laughter and lightness."