Maisha Cobra


Maisha is a dancer, "cacao mama" and DJ. She leads, supports, and provides the possibility of encounters directed to the body in movement as a therapeutic, spiritual, and reintegrative practice.

Living since childhood between two different worlds, Brazil and the Czech Republic, Maisha found in dance the bridge to cross the barriers that permeate her origins, finding in the challenge of the contradictions the possibility of a deepening in the body and in the expression of the sensitive: where words do not need to be said, where traditions and ancestral lineages cross-cultural and linguistic contours.

Her path

Maisha carries in the composition of her corporeality, the heritages of Afro-Brazilian matrices - in the dance of the orixás, capoeira, funk, and samba, as well as a reverence and deep honor to the original peoples of the Amazon and their distinct cosmo-perceptions, healing technologies, and traditions. In one of her many journeys of nurturing her roots as a Latin American woman, Maisha also found, in cacao medicine, one of her many tools for self-inquiry and transcendence.

"My path to the body was further refined when cacao medicine crossed my steps. Through cocoa, I connected with the purest essence. I am talking about flesh, boner, touch, fire... cocoa brings a sensation of fertile land, where I can plant ideas and sensations. Together with the dance, it gives me a place of permission and provocative closeness between the sacred and the profane. A space of fun, freedom, libido, pleasure, laughter and lightness."Her studies, searches and experimentations have been deepening over the years, and overflow into sharing through the projects Unity Dance & Cacao Dance.


Being Unique and revering our own nature.

Unity means "I am one" - with my many selves and with the world around me. Unity is a path that combines together all the things that give me a direct connection to myself and my potential. It is through dance, cacao and music.

The Unity of each being comes from the harmony between their body-mind-spirit. As a "meeting point" of these three "bodies" I created a Unity path, where through embodied and cleansing we become One.

Unity between us will become visible and "touchable" when each one is able to go beyond their bodies, connecting with a greater force, the one which connects us all.

Let's work together